Company policy

Premises of the ARCUS company policy

The satisfaction of our customers is our success

Only satisfied customers ensure our future. We win them over by:

  • our on-time and quality oriented processing of projects,
  • the continuous communication with our customers during the project,
  • Reliability
  • customer proximity from the idea to the implementation,
  • and working together as partners with all project participants.

The employees ensure the success

and are the most important resource of the company. Contributing to this are:

  • interesting projects nationally and internationally,
  • togetherness, characterised by openness, honesty and acceptance,
  • needs based further education – training and strengthening skills and promoting career development,
  • performance based remuneration,
  • joint events,
  • flexible, family friendly working hours,
  • good workplace conditions – task oriented and up-to-date equipment in workplaces and
  • equal opportunities for everyone.

Making a profit

Long term company existence and jobs are ensured by:

  • efficient project processing,
  • clear distribution of responsibilities, tasks and competences,
  • consistent contract and follow up management
  • performance related hour assignments and
  • interdisciplinary and component oriented planning in the sense of Building Information Modelling

Constant improvement and further development of internal processes

by means of:

  • analyses of the stability of processes, immanent risks and opportunities,
  • extensive digitisation of our work processes among others for the regular comparison with the assignment as well as for timely and targeted influence as well as
  • reducing mistakes or early detection of deviations in the work process (QMS, dual check principle, examination of the specialised models in 3-dimensional space for collision detection, etc.).

Compliance with laws and regulations, standards, technical rules

supported by:

  • the ARCUS code of conduct as a personal commitment,
  • the ARCUS quality management system and
  • the ARCUS occupational health and safety management system.

Sustainability regarding society and the environment

by means of:

  • sustainability considerations in project planning,
  • responsible use of own resources,
  • social engagement in the region,
  • recognition of our responsibility with regard to the natural environment and
  • awareness of the social responsibility towards our employees.

Stabilisation and expansion of our customer base

by means of:

  • satisfied customers who contract us again,
  • acquisition of national and international new customers as well as
  • acting as a qualified partner of the customer in order to help the customer succeed.